The USB Powered Dryer Developed by a Ski Patroller and PSIA Ski Instructor

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Because the Adventure Goes Beyond a
Power Outlet

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Outdoor Gear Dryer
What is it, and Who Needs It?

  • Plug into any USB Power Source.
  • Select between 3 Hour Timed Dry or Continuous Run.
  • Keep your boots dry, even when they are in your locker at the ski hill.
  • Bring it along when you go camping to dry hiking boots.  This battery operated dryer can be powered with a USB battery.
  • Driving home or to the hotel after a glorious day on the mountain?  Put the dryer in your boots in any heated area of your vehicle.  You can even power the dryer from a power outlet in your vehicle with a USB cell phone charger adapter.
  • No power at the hunting shack, no problem.
  • Gloves wet too?  Get a second one to dry your gloves at the same time (power two dryers at a time with dual port batteries).
  • Great dryer for outdoor sporting goods gear and of course a great ski boot dryer.
  • A must have for all who Ski, Snowboard, Skate, Ride Horse, Camp, Hunt, Fish, Hike...

  This dryer is an innovation of need.  As you can see from the
  video, it does an outstanding job drying with a low voltage
  battery and without heat.  Order yours today!


& Effective  


The Portable Way to Dry Your Boots!

USB Powered Boot Dryer
Dry Your Skates

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