General Safety Rules:

Warning! Read and understand all instructions.
       Do not operate in explosive atmospheres, as in the presence of flammable liquids, gases or dust.
       Keep dryer out of reach of children.
       Switch unit off and disconnect from power source if there is sparking, smoking or an unexpected
         smell during use.
       Never touch the fan of the blade while in use.
       Never dismantle the dryer. There are no user serviceable parts inside.
       Do not immerse into water or any other liquid.
       Do not allow water or other liquid to drip into the dryer.
       Do not stick objects into the dryer fan while it is operating.
       Do not cut-off or restrict air circulation.
       Never carry the dryer by the cord, or pull the cord to disconnect the USB from the outlet.
       Do not use gasoline, thinners, solvents, ammonias or other chemicals for cleaning.
       Do not operate the dryer with a damaged cord or plug. Discard or return to an authorized service
         facility for examination and/or repair.

Operating Instructions:
     1. Insert the air conduits into the dryer housing (twisting the conduit as it is inserted will make
         insertion easier).  Conduits should seat fully into housing.
     2. With care, slide open ends of the conduits into the items to be dried (boots, shoes, skates, gloves,
         mittens...).  Be sure the ends of the conduits are not blocked or sealed against the inside of the
         items to be dried.
     3. Plug USB cord into a USB power source.
     4. Switch the unit from off to either on, or the timed dry position (timed dry position will run the dryer
         for 3 hours, then it will automatically shut off). If the battery has a switch, it must also be turned on.
     5. Do not restrict air circulation by blocking the airflow around the conduits in any way.  Please note,
         dryer is intended to dry moisture from perspiration.

       Dryer is properly lubricated at the factory and ready for use.  No additional lubrication is required.

Full One (1) Year Use Warranty: (U.S.) warrants this product for One (1) year against defects in material or
         workmanship.  If the exchange takes place within the retailers exchange policy timeline, the
         exchange can be made at the retailers location (with original sales receipt).  After that time, contact
         us through the website.

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Dryer 28
USB Battery 350
Outlet 1 350
Auto Plug1 350


USB Powered Boot Dryer
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