Needed to figure out a way.

As a ski patroller and ski instructor, I am in my boots a lot, sometimes all day long, then right back in them the next day.  When I am at my home hill, I store my gear in the patrol room and when I am traveling, everything goes in the back of the SUV. Since there is no power near where my boots are most of the time, and I was getting tired of cramming my feet into damp boots, I needed to come up with a new plan.  For a while, I pulled the foot beds out, but that got tough when I added boot heaters.  So after a great idea, and a little experimenting, the USB boot dryer was born.

This solution fills the bill.  I was really sold on the idea after driving home from my PSIA level 2 exam.  The last day of the exam was very warm and my boots were quite wet inside.  After loading up, I threw my prototype dryer in these wet and sweaty boots, and by the time I got home, two and a half hours later, they were dry and I could zip the boot bag up with confidence, knowing I would not have a smelly mess when I took them out.

With the built in 3 hour timer, and the long life that you can get out of portable cell phone charging batteries, I can run this dryer in the patrol room, or in the back of my vehicle, or my daughter can use one in her locker at the hill.  Just plug it in and 3 hours later it shuts off automatically.

There are a lot of great dryers out there for outdoor gear, and other sports gear that plug into the wall.  They even heat the air and some have variable timer settings.  So if you fall in the pond at the pond plunge during Spring Fling, then those are the dryers to use, but if all you need to do is dry the moisture from a long day in your boots, then this no heat, USB powered option, will take good care of you, and your outdoor sporting goods gear. 

Take it from my daughter and myself, a couple of people who have a lot of time in their boots, this boot dryer is great!

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